Circle of Truth: Circle of Friends

Ed Ruscha, Sequence #49 (2016) Acrylic on Linen, Courtesy of the Artist.

“Circle of Truth” is the visual equivalent of the childhood game where a message whispered in the ear of a first person, then relayed to a second person, a third, and so on until the original message becomes so mangled by its reinterpretation that by the time it arrives at its final understanding the words hardly bear any resemblance to the original.

This domino chain started with a source painting created by “Circle of Truth” co-curator Shane Guffogg, whose work was delivered anonymously, along with a blank canvas, to the second artist in “the Circle.” Each subsequent artist then received an identical package: the anonymously created previous artist’s painting, a blank canvas, and the instructions to find and paint their response to the “truth” that they saw in the first painting. This chain was repeated to some 49 artists over a period of nine years.

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Spring-Summer 2021 at SAM: No gala. No spring appeal. Just this opportunity to be part of our Circle of Friends Wall and Video during the Circle of Truth exhibition. Help us celebrate those who support the arts and art education!

ADOPT A PAINTING $1,000 Adopt one (or more) of the 49 paintings for Circle of Truth’s run and receive from June 4 through September 19:

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• Photo, logo, or name in Circle of Friends Video
• Photos to be taken at SAM June 1-2
• Video premiere online: Thursday, June 3, 4pm
• Video will run in Lobby Gallery
• Name on the Circle of Friends Wall in Lehr Gallery


DEADLINE: Friday, May 21, 2021, 5 pm

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