Project: Pattern

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Project: Pattern

On view in the SAM Project Space through Aug 2021 

Nicole Herbert, Morning Duty, 2019, photographic print, 18″ x 36″


Project: Pattern is the first exhibition to be featured in SAM’s new Project Space. This multimedia display includes photography, painting, sculpture, and installation with work by artists Nate Ethier, Nicole Herbert, and Luke Murphy. Artwork featured in this exhibition illustrates a wide range of patterns – geometric patterns, patterns in human behavior, and time-based patterns. Immerse yourself and hone your tools for identifying pattern in the world around you!


Drawing on traditions of formal and pop abstraction, Nate Ethier’s flamboyant geometric abstractions celebrate both the bucolic and the post-industrial world. The exchange of interchangeable modular structures through synchronicity and symmetry is the bedrock of the work, while rock and roll, the rolling surf, and poetry whisper in the background. Creating compositions that allow for the optical emphasis to alternate and reverberate with unequivocal intensity and grace, the mechanics of Ethier’s paintings function as perpetual, philosophical, and visual motion machines. Learn more about Ethier here.

The artwork of Harrisburg-based artist Nicole Herbert embraces a variety of media, including photography, installation, ceramic, and found objects. Much of her work is action-based, calling viewer’s attention to the passage of time. She invites us to consider the construction of our seemingly fixed and unchanging environment. Learn more about Herbert here. 

Luke Murphy is a systems-based artist living and working in Harlem, New York. He is inspired by digital languages, and utilizes codes to make art. His work investigates the fundamentals of randomness and how it can be used to create unique works of digital art. Learn more about Murphy here. 


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  • Nate Ethier, Rhyme, 2019, acrylic on canvas, 44in x 66in
  • Nicole Herbert, Morning Duty, 2019, photographic print, 18in x 36in