Fred Haag, February 2016

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Fred HaagFred Haag, Garland, Jess I

ON VIEW IN THE Lobby GALLERY February 19 – May 8, 2016

Fred Haag is a practicing artist who lives and works in Hellam, Pennsylvania.  Since 1987, he has taught a variety of art classes at Penn State York (including Art Appreciation, Drawing, Design, and Painting) and exhibited his work both regionally and nationally. An alumni of the University of the Arts (then Philadelphia College of Art), he graduated with honors in 1984, earning a BFA in Painting and Drawing. Haag then earned his MFA in Painting and Drawing at the Pennsylvania State University in 1986.


The pieces in this show encompass my major subject areas:  the figure, the studio-interior, chairs, and the still-life. My sensibility is autobiographical, so these pieces reflect my surroundings and experiences. I usually work from direct observation, but I also use memories and conversation as departure points. I have noticed that, over time, this body of work often references itself through specific aspects of subject, color, composition, and even particularities such as patterns and brushwork. I like duality in both form and content: ambiguity and clarity; color and draftsmanship; manufactured and natural. I am currently working on a series of figure paintings and interiors.

Find more information about artist Fred Haag, visit his webpage here.

Download the gallery guide in PDF format here.

UPCOMING EVENT: Friday February 19, 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.- Third in the Burg, FREE admission!


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