Artistic Expressions – Partner in Art Education


The mission of Artistic Expressions is to bring together students from a multitude of different secondary schools with aspirations and endeavors in the fine arts within exhibition opportunities, collaborative events and education.

Artistic Expressions is led by a proactive group of art educators who are passionate about developing the creative lives of students and engaging the art educational community.

We hold a primary belief that visual Art is an essential experience in every child’s educational process. This phenomenon supports every other academic area and discussion of what has been created. Continually, it fosters deepened understanding and appreciation of why one creates in the first place. Artistic Expressions’ message is that art teaches discipline, focus, self-confidence, and accomplishment.

Artistic Expressions presents an Annual Central Pennsylvania Student Art Show that celebrates works of exemplary student artists from secondary schools throughout Central Pennsylvania.  

In this exhibit, we see that artists create for many reasons – to respond, to reflect and to describe inportant issues, ideas and events that impact them on a personal level. An important component of the artistic process is sharing finished works of art with others. Viewing artwork allows others to respond, reflect, and analyze cultural content and context contained in works of art. Allowing others to share in this reflection provides a context with which to better understand the times we have lived, or are living in.

customarily on display at the Historic Harrisburg Association building on 3rd and Verbeke St., the 2020 Artistic Expressions Student Exhibition will be presented virtually.  We will Update the Virtual Exhibition as we receive Submissions from the Teachers. return often to view newly added images.

Click Here to View the Exhibition 

Artistic Expressions enhances the exhibit experience by adding a follow-up student field trip, and Summer Academy, providing more meaningful educational opportunities for students to meet, interact and learn from each other’s artistic process.