VanGO! to Your School

The Susquehanna Art Museum’s VanGo! Museum on Wheels program brings original works of art to your school for an innovative cultural arts program that connects the visual arts and academics and provides an exciting, engaging, and educational experience for all ages!

VanGo! Museum on Wheels visit is a wonderful addition to your yearly cultural arts offerings:

  • Program format can be adjusted to suit the needs of your school/site.
  • In order to ensure the safety of the art objects, schools of more than 500 students must book a second day visit.
  • VanGo! can comfortably accommodate 15-18 students per group – please keep this in mind when scheduling individual classes to view the exhibit.  Larger classes may need to be split into separate groups.  Contact us with questions.
  • A critical component to the VanGo! experience is the multimedia assembly program that provides important background information on the exhibit, artists and museum etiquette.  The assembly serves to inspire and prepare students for their visit to VanGo!
  • For the assembly program, the VanGo! educator will need the following:  a microphone, screen, a large room, a laptop with USB drive. a digital projector, and an AV cart or table for presentation equipment.

The VanGo! Museum on Wheels bus will soon be fully handicap accessible; please indicate on your schedule any classes which require special access.