Visions of Place: Contemporary Israeli Art, Feb 2019

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ON VIEW IN THE MAIN GALLERY February 9 – May 19, 2019


Visions of Place: Complex Geographies in Contemporary Israeli Art offers a unique lens through which to view and better understand the myriad complexities of Israel. Geography, in all its manifestations—physical, personal, religious, political, historical, economic, and more—remains an inescapable part of Israeli life, psyche, and art. The exhibition includes approximately 50 works, including photographs, videos, installations, paintings, sculptures, and mixed media, by 34 contemporary artists whose contending views of history, culture, and identity cast a revelatory spotlight on modern Israel, while questioning age-old relationships to—and conflicts over—place.


Although focused specifically on Israel, the topics raised by the exhibition have wide interest and applicability in the broader contemporary world. Visions of Place demonstrates the richness, complexity, and diversity of the contemporary Israeli art landscape, and by extension, Israeli society and its place in the world. It provides a thought-provoking artistic experience that catalyzes an important dialogue on the resonant issues illustrated by Israel’s contemporary artists in their dynamic exploration of place.



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  • Tal Shochat, Afarsemon (Persimmon), 2011, C-print, courtesy of the artist and Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • Sigalit Landau, Shelter (Model), 2012, bronze, 13.75 x 15.75 x 9.75, courtesy of the artist
  • Michael Halak, Syrian-African Cracked Olives, 2014-15, oil on canvas, 31.2 x 47.25, courtesy of Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art
  • Gilad Efrat, Negev with Tamarisk, 2013, oil on linen, 51.25 x 86.5, courtesy of the artist
  • Orly Maiberg, Crossing the Sea of Galilee, 2012, oil on canvas, 55 x 71, courtesy of Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art