Group Tours

No experience in the arts compares with viewing the primary source – original works of art.  Textures and materials come to life when students see works of art firsthand.  Original works of art connect students (and visitors) to the historical and cultural context in which these artworks are made; provide a forum to understand art as  way of communicating and reflecting important ideas and serve as inspiration for self-reflection.  Students carry these personal experiences with them as they grow and develop as human beings in our ever-changing, ever-demanding society.


Students who attend a field trip to an art museum experience an increase in critical thinking skills of 9 percent of a standard deviation, an increase in historical empathy of 6 percent of a standard deviation, and an improvement in tolerance of 7 percent of a standard deviation. Students from rural or high-poverty regions had even larger gains, of 18 percent of a standard deviation in critical thinking, 15 percent in historical empathy, and 13 percent in tolerance. – Results of a 2001 study titled “The Educational Value of Field Trips” by University of Arkansas researchers Jay Greene, Brian Kisida, and Daniel Bowen.

SAM hosts regulars visits from schools from our community and throughout our region. School visits are uniquely customized to make connections between our current exhibitions and the students’ existing curricular goals.

guided tour

School visits include a tour of the museum and will focus at least one of the exhibitions on view. Generally, a guided tour will last 45-60 minutes, depending on the age, development or number of students visiting. However, the length of the visit is also adaptable to accommodate the schools’ schedule.  The fee for a school visit is $1 per student and $1 per parent chaperon. Teachers are never charged during school visits. The museum will provide an invoice.

Guided tour and educational activity

In addition to a guided tour, visiting schools may request an educational activity in the education center. Educational activities will reflect a technique, style or concept that derives from the exhibition(s) visited. Educational activities are geared toward meeting the needs of the specific students visiting and may vary from other visits. School visits that include a tour and an educational activity range from 80 – 120 minutes.  The fee for a tour and educational activity is $2 per student, and $1 per parent chaperon. Teachers are never charged during school visits.

If you are interested in scheduling a school visit to SAM, email Tina Sell, Director of Education at Please have more than one potential date in mind, in the event of a conflict with previously scheduled event.

Schedule a Group Tour

A group tour typically consists of a 45-60 minute guided tour of our current exhibition led by museum education staff or one of our trained docents. Please schedule group tours in advance to ensure that a trained docent is available. For a tour of 10 or more visitors, the rate is $2 per visitor. Regular admission applies for groups tours of less than 10 visitors.

If you are interested in scheduling a group tour please email

* Please note: If you are interested in visiting the museum with a group but do NOT care for a docent led tour, please DO inform the museum of your planned arrival time in case there is already an event or school visit scheduled at that time. For the safety of the artwork and to optimize the experience of all visitors, the museum would like to provide an appropriate number of gallery attendants.

periodic installation

Approximately three to four times a year, the main gallery will be temporarily closed for installation when staff is transitioning from one exhibition to another. Installation can last between 2 – 3 weeks to safely handle artwork and prepare the main gallery. Please check our website or social media (or email to ensure that the main gallery is not closed during your visit.