new virtual content Including digital fieldtrips are on the way!

If your school group or group tour missed your tour of Many Visions, Many Versions, here is a digital overview of the exhibition. This video will be part of an upcoming digital fieldtrip. Check back soon for more educational materials based on this wonderful exhibition! 

By engaging with original works of art, museum visitors can locate themselves within conceptual spaces that reference diverse human experiences.

Art Education at the Susquehanna Art Museum takes many forms and involves students of all ages! No experience in the arts compares with viewing the primary source – original works of art. Textures and materials come to life when students see works of art firsthand. Original works of art connect students (and visitors) to the historical and cultural context in which these artworks are made; provide a forum to understand art as way of communicating and reflecting important ideas and serve as inspiration for self-reflection.

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Think Critically and creatively Today

Today, One of the greatest challenges facing the Susquehanna Art Museum during the pandemic and the current Stay at Home Order is the restricted access to the museum and original works of art! Many arts institutions and organizations are increasing virtual access to their collections or exhibitions; while others are encouraging their audiences to create their own original artwork at home. Some museums have inspired fun, interactive challenges, such as reenacting historic works of art using household items as props!