Brenton Good

“As I approached the concept and process of making this work, I was thinking about how we as faculty often ask our students to produce works of art within an armature of imposed rules and restrictions. In my own studio practice, I often set similar self-imposed rules, but then attempt to find intuitive moments of discovery as I work within that structure. The painting for this show developed out of a fairly simple problem: to start with one dominant hue and slowly obscure it with a range of greys. The blue panel slowly becomes hidden behind greys of a lighter value.

Conceptually, the title For Jasper is intended to be ambiguous, fostering a variety of readings. The first and most direct is a nod to the grey surfaces of Jasper Johns, while simultaneously referencing the titles of paintings by Brice Marden (Three Deliberate Greys for Jasper Johns, 1970) and Frank Stella (Jasper’s Dilemma, 1963). However, coupled with these art historical references is a much more biographical one: my second son, born in May 2013, who is named Jasper as well.” Brenton Good

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Artist’s work in the Art & Science of Color exhibition:

Brenton Good, For Jasper (Blue), 2013, acrylic, oil, and relief ink